Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Blog's Obligatory Spitzer Reference

[22:16:00] Scott says: "His brother, Daniel Spitzer, a neurosurgeon, said: "If men never succumbed to the attractions of women, then the human species would have died out a long time ago.""

[22:16:11] Scott says:
Bitching defense.

[22:16:13] Jay Goodman Tamboli says:

[22:16:14] Jay Goodman Tamboli says:

[22:19:22] Scott says:
If I ever get locked into a sex scandal, I expect you to offer a similarly robust defense.

[22:21:46] Jay Goodman Tamboli says:
Why, are you desperate enough to solicit a prostitute? I don't think you can afford the ones Spitzer went to.

[22:23:00] Scott says:
I'm thinking down the road, after I get bored of wife #3--the one who was smart enough to get a good prenup.

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