Friday, April 04, 2008

The Resurrection

Listening to Mahler's Second this evening, with Todd and Joshana, there was a moment I thought: "I know it's supposed to be glorious and life-affirming, but I just don't believe it. Don't believe in the Final Judgment, don't believe in the supernatural. So I'll always miss some of that grandeur."

But then the choir swelled, the tam-tams burst, and everything soared, and by God, I believed, I believed! Nothing is lost! Everything that lives will live again!

I turned smiling to Joshana. She was smiling too.

Todd also accused me of blogging about nothing but dualism. I suppose that's fair, though strange, as I don't feel particularly committed to either materialism or dualism. I do think many materialists dismiss dualist arguments too flippantly. Todd jokingly suggests I go after a philosophy Ph.D. If only he knew how jejune my commentary is.

I do believe that's the first time I've ever used the word "jejune." Those word of the day calendars are paying off. Now if I can just find an opportunity to drop "sitzmark."


DeJa Vu said...

My favorite word from a word of the day calender..."infitisimal". I use it every chance I get. No matter how infitisimal the reason.

natali said...

tell todd i say hi. and i never knew jejune was a word! this is great. not because i like new words (i dont) but i am really trying to get better at boggle.