Friday, April 11, 2008

Symphony with Todd and Joshana

SCOTT: Well here we are: a Mormon, a Jew, and an atheist. You know what, we should walk into a bar.


Lyco said...

I was in Atlanta visiting my best friend and we went to return my car rental. It's painfully early in the morning and the only people in there were two Rabbis. Kate runs out to grab her cell phone from her car and comes dashing back in and snickers that she just saw a priest get out of a rental car. Sure enough, the priest comes walking through the door. After about 5 seconds of trying not to laugh, Kate turns to the priest and loudly says "Ok, so two Rabbis and a priest walk into a car rental shop." And we started laughing hysterically. Luckily, so did the priest.

The Rabbis just stared at us. I don't think they got it...

DeJa Vu said...


I think I heard that one >.< J/k

I need to get off your page. I have work to do.

Scott said...

My blog exists for distracting people from work. So don't let it down, it'll be sad. Plus every time you read a post, an angel gets its wings and a demon gets kicked in the nads.