Sunday, May 11, 2008

So the Volokhs Left for Texas

And the firmament's bawling in despair.

[9:51:29 PM] Scott says: I didn't want you to feel gay, so I hugged Sasha too.

[9:51:59 PM] Jay Goodman Tamboli says:
hah. Thanks. I'm sure he's scrubbing ferociously in the shower right now.

[9:52:10 PM] Jay Goodman Tamboli says:
"Can't… get… the stink… off…"

[9:52:55 PM] Scott says:
Him and me both. I just walked through an ocean to get home and I still smell like vodka and beets.


Hanah said...

We're actually not leaving until Wednesday...

Scott said...

I know, I'm trying to achieve closure!