Saturday, June 07, 2008

Phew, It's Hot

Took the Orange line out to the Dunn-Loring stop, wandered around through the heat for awhile, found the Red Cross, was quizzed, stuck and drained. When she pricked my middle finger, it geysered for a while and made a mess of everything. We all laughed at this and then I fainted.

I got an umbrella this time for my efforts.

I'm afraid of needles. Now I go all the same, and I've never fainted looking at one, and I even watch it pop into the vein at my elbow crook. Nonetheless, I've got a feeling of unease when I know I have to give blood--my mind will race for excuses to go do something else. So I push harder and make myself do it. I don't like being afraid of things.

I swayed on home, then collapsed into bed and slept. Woke up at 5 and spent the rest of the day sending out job applications.

It was, all in all, one of my more productive.

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