Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Plotting the evolution of the human species thus far, using the measures of over fourteen noted experts, leads to the inescapable conclusion that we are, as a race, approaching a sort of intellectual singularity. If this trend continues, as we have every reason to suspect it will, barring nuclear calamity or a whole shitload of Sasquatch attacks, eventually the race will produce a being so intelligent that he will be able to do all the activities of traditional human beings, but with more skill. Thus, he in turn will be able to create a being smarter than himself, and the successors will repeat the process at a faster and faster clip, until intelligence advances towards positive infinity.

The first genius being will be known as Charlie Volokh, and today he entered the world weighing a mammoth 9.5 pounds, nearly all of that brain. I wasn't there, but I assume his telekinetic powers displayed themselves soon after the birth. With his advent, the Human Age has ended, and the Era of the Volokh has begun.

So bring it, Big Foot.

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