Thursday, August 14, 2008


SCOTT: I've been thinking that the secret of racquetball is not, as I thought, in the shoulder, but in the wrist.

JAY: Yeah?

SCOTT: Today, I've been snapping my wrist a lot to hit the ball and it's quite effective.

JAY: I don't know. My best days have been ones where I swing from the shoulder.

SCOTT: But listen. If the secret's in the wrist, that would explain why I do so lousy those days after I work on my arms in the weight room. Whereas today, when I did my legs and shoulders, I feel fine.

JAY: Tough to say.

SCOTT: Also, this explains something else--why are you shaking your head?

JAY: Because you're going to say something about masturbation.


Micha Ghertner said...

I knew from the first mention of wrist in the initial line that this would end in a masturbation joke. Predictability indeed.

P.S. You spelled "predictability" wrong, jackass!

Scott said...

Fixed, dick. Thanks.