Thursday, January 22, 2009

Google Gives a Surprising Number of Hits for "Communist Clowns"

Kish: what did you want to be?
as a kid?

me: Let's see. A doctor, for a while, and then a writer, and then -- of course -- Billy Joel.

Kish: of course

me: But turns out the Billy Joel position was filled.

Kish: you could do it better

me: That's what I told Elton John. But he insisted on touring with the original Billy.

Kish: my fav is leningrad

me: From the 1989 Stormfront album -- yes, I know it.

Kish: tho never really figured out what the song is about
something about soviets

It's about Des Moines, strangely enough.

Kish: ?

me: Billy works on many levels.

i remembers something about clowns
i'm going to play it now

me: Oh right, it's about a guy he met in Leningrad -- whose family was killed by clowns.
I think.
Communist clowns.

a sad, tho familiar, tale

me: For years, academics in the US speculated about the clown murders in the USSR, but it was not until the Iron Curtain fell that we realized just how extensive the tragedy was.

this is about the USSR

I'm beginning to think you're right.

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