Friday, March 06, 2009

God... and Jay

MOM: You know how I have weird dreams?


Well, I had a really weird one last night. I dreamed I was in Hollywood, at a party with a bunch of actors. And then this one actor took me into a back room.

SCOTT: I don't know if I want to hear this.

MOM: And I read him my screenplay -- in this dream, I had a screenplay. And he kept saying, 'There's too much God in this screenplay!' 'It's too religious!' But I kept reading it. But he was really yelling at me, being really mean. And eventually, I looked him dead in the face, and I said, '... are you Satan?' And he was! So I said, 'I have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ!' And then lightning flew out of my body, and fried him.

SCOTT: That's one of your most impressive dreams yet.

MOM: It reminded me of the story of Elijah.

The guy who went to heaven in the whirlwind?

MOM: No, Elijah wrestled God.

I'm pretty sure that was Jacob.

MOM: Jacob then, but he wrestled God.

SCOTT: I thought he wrestled an angel.

MOM: Yeah, but it was really God. Anyway, after he wrestled God, he pulled his hip. And when I woke up, my hip was sore!


Kish: i was impressed by your never ending circle of friends

me: Have you actually met any of them?
For all you know, they're all just Jay in different wigs.

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