Friday, November 06, 2009

I May Have Been Cursed

I like to grab breakfast at McDonald's, because it gives me a chance to practice my Spanish and it's delicious. Tables are usually scarce at the local Mickey Dees, so I usually ask one of the people there -- almost always derelicts -- if I can sit with them, to which they always oblige.

Today, I asked a woman if I could join her -- a young, not unattractive woman, but obviously homeless. She said, in a very sweet voice, "Of course." As I was wolfing down my hash brown, I was pondering how such an obviously pleasant person could have found herself in such straits. Then, as I moved on to the McBiscuit, she turned to me and hissed "Fuck off, why don't you!" and threw a pack of sugar at my face.

I considered my options: abandon my breakfast sandwich half-eaten -- unthinkable; move to another table -- but I was already settled; or just ignore the outburst and sit there with the crazy lady, risking being hit with further condiments. I opted to stay put and finish my breakfast.

Things passed without further incident, until she spilled a packet of salt on the table, took a deep breath, and blew it in my face.

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Jay Goodman Tamboli said...

I thought you liked your food drenched in salt.