Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Latin Racquetball Terms

These are my own translations, and may well be wrong, but there's no bad reason to scream out "SEX!" in the gym:

I. ūnus
II. duo
III. trēs
IV. quattuor
V. quīnque
VI. sex
VII. septem
VIII. octō
IX. novem
X. decem
XI. ūndecim
XII. duodecim
XIII. tredecim
XIV. quattuordecim
XV. quīndecim

Sex omnia.

Six all.

Ūnus ad ūnum.

One to one.

NB: “ad” governs the accusative. The only number with an accusative differing from the nominative (for our purposes) is one.

Fuit longus!

It was long!

Fuit brevis!

It was short!

Battuī eam bis!
I hit it twice!

Mea culpa!
My fault!

Grātiās (tibi) agō!


Reditus bonus!

Good return!

Dōnum magnum!

Great serve [lit. offering]!

Pila tua.

Your ball.

Tetigit solum!

(It) touched the floor!

Esne prōmptus?

Are you ready?



(Mē) Obstruxistī!

You obstructed (me)!




Vīcī! Vīcistī!

I won! You won!

Perdidī! Perdidistī!

I lost! You lost!

Certāmen bonum.

Good game.

Quaerō aquam.
I want water.


satis (indecl)



Tē futue Scōte!
Fuck you, Scott!

I prepared these phrases with the purest of intentions, but one of my bosses pointed out that many function as double entendres. While I grant that some are common lovemaking exclamations (Esne prōmptus? Obstrūctiō! Vīcī, vīcī, vīcī! -- Vīctōria! -- ...satis Scōte.) and others are typical of day after gossip (Fuit brevis. Fuit longus. ...tetigit solum... Battuī eam bis!), one really has to have his or her mind in the gutter to connect the remainder with anything coital (Merda!? ... ... ... mea culpa).

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