Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful Chat

AUNT: I actually saw a fox on the beach while I was jogging.

SCOTT: Fox on the beach? That sounds like a nice drink. And let me tell you, if that fox looked at you... it also saw a fox on the beach.

AUNT: Aw -- what do you want for Christmas?

SCOTT: I take checks.

Jacob: happy thanksgiving
unfortunately I won't be there this year

me: Well, you know you have a standing invitation to any Scheule holiday.

Jacob: do the Scheule's celebrate talk like a pirate day?

me: Yes. Somehow my Mom makes it about Jesus. "Avast ye mateys, who be that Jewish fella walkin' on thar waves?"

Jacob: haha
that scheule wit
ought to be illegal
too dangerous

me: It actually is illegal in Montana. We found that out the hard way. Carnal knowledge of moose is also frowned upon.

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