Tuesday, January 12, 2010

And More

SCOTT: David, I've decided that until you cut your goddamn hair, I'm going to call you girls' names. Is that all right with you?

All right.

SCOTT: These are also going to be the names of ex-girlfriends of mine--is that going to be weird for you?

It might be.

Too bad.

At Mt. Cannon today, we learned that there was an unmarked trail down a nearby mountain. I didn't want to do this, but Richard did, and if he was going to do it, then of course I had to. So to get to this trail, as it turns out, we had to pop off the skis and hike for fifteen minutes along a mountain ridge. Then we found the trail, which was pleasant, but it deposited us about a mile from the base camp. So long story short, I ended up walking down the side of the road with my skis on my shoulder.

But, it was all worth it, because later, I found a lemming.

I can't believe you picked it up.

SCOTT: You obviously don't understand how cute this creature was. It popped out of a Disney movie. It climbed up David's shoulder and started to preen itself.

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