Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Family Connections -- However Tenuous

I was at McDonald's this morning and I noticed the woman standing in front of me had Wackenhut written on the back of her jacket. I know the name Wackenhut, because it's my great grandmother's maiden name.

In fact, I even know why this woman had it on the back of her jacket.

"Do you work for Wackenhut Security?" I said.

"Yes. Well, I did. For five years. It's a good company."

"One of my cousins actually founded it. Fred Wackenhut," I said.

So we sat down and had breakfast together.

I guess the surreal part was seeing the name and thinking that, one century ago, my great great grandfather Johannes arrived on a ship from Germany, and he's the one who brought that name to this country. I doubt he had much else.

And step by step it eventually ended up on a complete stranger's shirt. And step by step, a part of him had made me. Cool.

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Fred & Patty said...

I am Fredrick G. Wackenhut III, great-grandson of Johannes. Contact me in regards to family connections. My email address is: