Friday, May 21, 2010


JELENA: People wonder why I'm fascinated with Tesla. It's such a great human story.

SCOTT: And he's one of your countrymen.

JELENA: The establishment kicked him when he was down. J.P. Morgan, Edison, all knocked him about. In fact, there was this German midget who dedicated his life to demonizing Nikola Tesla.

SCOTT: I've never heard of this midget.

JELENA: Because he spent his life demonizing Tesla rather than accomplish something himself!

SCOTT: Calm down. Look, every great man, in every age, has been pursued by a vindictive midget. That's simply the way of the world.

JELENA: By the way, do you want a copy of the Shipping Almanac?

SCOTT: Sure. Do you want me sign your copy?


(scribble, scribble)

JELENA: "Dear Jelena. What a load of ship... ... ping. Love, Scott." Very droll.

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Jay Goodman Tamboli said...

I may be short, but "midget" is a little harsh.