Thursday, June 17, 2010


SCOTT: Where is everyone?

LOREN: They're at training.

Ah. But you and I need no training.

LOREN: For we were born perfect.

Except, I couldn't make a "th" sound because the ligament under my tongue was too tight.

LOREN: Really?

SCOTT: I would say, "One, two, tree..."

LOREN: Ah, so you would have fit in in Jamaica.

SCOTT: Those are the options my parents had to consider. Do we fix his tongue or do we send him to live with his Jamaican uncle?

So the choice was between dreadlocks and slicing your tongue.

SCOTT: Yeah. We tried the dreadlocks for a couple years, but eventually my parents...

Decided to cut the hair and the tongue.

SCOTT: That was the worst birthday of my life.

PS: Ankylo comes from the Greek for crooked.

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