Saturday, August 28, 2010

Being There

GIRL ON METRO: You have a very pleasant attitude.

ME: I'm quite surprised you can tell, without even talking to me.

GIRL: I pay attention to these things. You have a nice attitude. It's refreshing.

ME: Thank you. So what do you do?

GIRL: I work in preserving ocean habitats.

ME: I'm a lawyer.

GIRL: A DC lawyer, with a pleasant attitude. That's a first.

Well, I'm not a very good lawyer, if that explains anything.


After this episode, I made Emily watch "Being There."

You made me watch it, too.

You never made me watch it.

My God, Jay, did you just get Emily and me mixed up? When you proposed to Emily, you sure you didn't think you were proposing to me, right?

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