Friday, September 17, 2010

Being Smart is Fun

SCOTT: You know, I know we've been talking to each other for months now, but I never actually got your name.

GUY: Yeah, I'm glad you finally brought that up. I'm Alfred.

SCOTT: Good to meet you, Alfred. Scott. Any nickname?

ALF: I've gone by pretty much every iteration of the name at one point or another. During the 80s, when the sitcom was huge, people called me Alf.

SCOTT: There's also a fantastic movie starring Michael Caine called Alfie.

Ah, there was a remake of that.

Which sucked. But the original is top-notch--and the best part is it came with a song over the credits. What's it all about... Alfie? So with that name, you've got a theme song and everything.

ALFRED: Actually, I was named after an English King who killed a lot of vikings.

Sure, Alfred the Great. He was the first King of England--and the only English King to have an epithet. So good King to be named after.

ALFREDO: You pretty much know everything, don't you?

SCOTT: Good to meet you, Alfie. If I run into any vikings, I'll give you a call.


Guess who. said...

Erm... William the Conqueror? Richard the Lionheart?

Scott said...

You got me. You can read the reason I was confused in the beginning of old Alfie's wikipedia entry (I either missed or forgot the end of the sentence). I do, however, stand by my knowledge of all Michael Caine related trivia.