Thursday, September 09, 2010

The Perils of Meetup Groups

So I was waiting in Barnes and Nobel for a new member of the Latin group to show up. Now, I've just seen one, not terribly good picture, on his profile, where his face isn't all that visible. All I can really tell is that he's a man with somewhat dark skin. So this is my evening. I was sitting in the cafe reading a book, waiting for anyone to show up, and after a while, a black man gets up and heads down the escalator. I thought: "Oh my god! I hope that wasn't him, I'll feel so rude!"

So I run after him, wave to the security guard, exit the store, and go running down 12th St. after a black man, now halfway down the block. Finally, I catch up, and say, "Excuse me, excuse me... *pant* you weren't waiting for the Latin class, were you?"

To which he answers: "What? Latin class? Uh no, dude. Not me."

"Oh," said I, "Sorry about that. Carry on."

So I reenter the bookstore, wave to the security guard, sit down, read my book, drink my coffee. And then another black man gets up from a table and goes downstairs... and wait for it, wait for it--there I go, running after him.

Never did find the guy. Did meet a lot of African Americans with no interest in learning Latin, so, I guess the day wasn't a complete waste.

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