Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Workplace Hostility

BOSS: Want a piece of gum?

I already took one. Are you being sarcastic?



BOSS: ...

I still can't tell.

BOSS: Just help me find this Post-It note. Have so many of the things I can't find the one I need.

SCOTT (reflecting, not helping):
You know, it would be a good idea if someone made a stack of Post-Its that started one color and slowly changed colors as you got through the stack. Then you could tell how old each Post-It was.

BOSS: That's a great idea. I'm sure nobody's thought of that.

SCOTT: ...

BOSS: ...

SCOTT: Again, I'm having trouble identifying the sarcasm here.

You weren't here last week, were you?


BOSS: Ah, neither was I.

SCOTT: Wait, no, I was here last week. I remember now. I came in bright and early every day.

BOSS: Good save.

Worked a week of twelve hour days.


Where's everybody else? Are they having a meeting without me?

SCOTT: Yep. The Anti-Denens Club meeting. Right down the hall. Look for the "No Denens Allowed" sign.

That explains it.

SCOTT: The club is older than your being here, too. For the first four years, the Anti-Denen Club was kind of pointless, but lately it's come into its own.

DENEN: It obviously didn't work too well. I got hired after all.

SCOTT: All right, all right, fair enough. No, I agree, this year has not been a banner year for the club. But we've all learned from our mistakes and are looking forward to a great fourth quarter.

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Denen's Brother said...

My brother and I formed the original anti-Denens club in the early 1980s. It has languished lately. By the way, your DC chapter dues are late.