Monday, November 15, 2010

Craig - Dawkins

Richard Dawkins, after persistently belittling the accomplished philosopher as unworthy of debate, will finally be appearing with William Lane Craig.

By Craig's report, Dawkins is typically petulant:

I am currently in Mexico to participate in a conference called Ciudad de las Ideas, which is a conference modeled on the TED conference in the US. It features lots of high tech people, sociologists, psychologists, economists, scientists, etc.

As part of the conference they´re having a panel of six of us debate on the question ¨Does the Universe Have a Purpose?¨ Well. to my surprise, I just found out that one of the three persons on the other side is Richard Dawkins! It´s true! I met him the other night. When he came my way, I stuck out my hand and introduced myself and said, Ï´m surprised to see that you´re on the panel.

He replied, Änd why not?

I said, ¨Well, you´ve always refused to debate me.

His tone suddenly became icy cold. Ï don´t consider this to be a debate with you. The Mexicans invited me to participate, and I accepted.¨ At that, he turned away.

¨Well, I hope we have a good discussion,¨ I said.

Ï very much doubt it,¨ he said and walked off.

So it was a pretty chilly reception! The debate is Saturday morning, should you think of us. I´ll give an update after I get back.

The umlauts are original. As Craig is fluent in German, I presume he's using some sort of international keyboard layout.

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