Tuesday, November 02, 2010

El blues del dìa de elecciones

Hanah: You could vote for people who will repeal it.

Scott: Pudiera, pero no importa. ¡Tengo solamente un voto! ¡La diferencia entre el ganador y el perdedor serà mucho màs que un voto!

It doesn't matter.

Scott: ¡Exactamente!

No, it doesn't matter that your vote is unlikely to make a difference. You should vote anyway.

¿Por què?

Hanah: Because you can.

Scott: Tambièn puedo poner frijoles en la nariz.

Hanah: Go for it.

Ay, no tengo frijoles.

Hanah: I'll mail you some.

Muchas gracias. El año que viene, pondrè frijoles en la nariz y votar.


Jay Goodman Tamboli said...

I agree. Even if a single vote won't swing the election, it's important to make a statement that you're in favor of sick kids losing health insurance and in favor of sick adults being stuck in their jobs because of preexisting conditions. Go ahead. Make a statement.

Scott said...

We were talking about the Third Amendment.

Anonymous said...

Not voting is also a valid statement, if you don't agree with any of the alternatives (or the election process itself).

Anonymous said...

Also, if someone has no clue about politics/economics, he should be discouraged to vote, because his opinion is uninformed. The same goes for people who are selfish and all they care about (in the context of politics) is keeping and expanding their entitlements.