Monday, December 13, 2010

Does the Universe Have a Purpose?

The aforementioned Craig - Dawkins debate has been webbed. The debate actually includes at least 6 people, three theists and three atheists. It's also held, honest injun, in a boxing ring!

The topic was "Whether or Not the Universe Has a Purpose" but this instantaneously becomes a debate on the existence of God, as the theists assert the universe only has a purpose if God exists and the atheists apparently accept the premise. But the questions are distinct -- or at least, there's a colorable argument they are. No one attempts to color it in.

At any rate, it turns into a fairly useless exchange, with Craig inserting the only interesting bit of philosophic rigor in his opening statement. Debaters are given less and less time for rebuttal as the affair proceeds, so it all eventually devolves into one-liners, and not particularly good ones.

Here's an interesting review.

On the religious topic, I continue my push through the New Standard Bible and the Oxford Bible Commentary. It's slow going -- a month and I've just reached Deuteronomy -- but historically fascinating.

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