Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Protestant/Catholic Constitutionalism

Professors Randy Barnett and Sandy Levinson have an interesting daivlog about the Tea Party. Levinson brings up an interesting metaphor (reprising one of his earlier books) of a Protestant and Catholic approach to Constitutional law. The Protestant view is, just as everyone is fit to interpret the Scriptures, everyone is capable of interpreting the Constitution. The Catholic view is that only a particular elite is capable of interpreting the Constitution, represented by the Supreme Court.

That's not the focus by any means, but the discussion is interesting.

I often tell Catholic friends that, were I not an atheist, I'd be a Catholic. In fact, though the past is murky, from what I can tell my great great grandfather was a German Catholic. Prussian, in particular--a soldier for Bismarck, who wasn't exactly pro-Catholic, so maybe that's why he fled to religiously tolerant Pennsylvania.

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