Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Teutonic Tendencies

J---: although google fight is most amusing

J---: it does not provide a refresher on 8th grade grammar and indefinite and definite articles

J---: china responded

Scott: I saw. And the Netherlands Antilles split into two countries!

J---: didnt see that yet

Scott: Have to update my chart.

J---: we better hurry.... belgium might as well...

Scott: Yeah, after we already screwed the pooch on South Ossetia last year.

J---: i obviously no longer am familiar with the english lang. screw the pooch?

Scott: You are not familiar with the extremely archaic version of the English language that I aspire to: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/screw_the_pooch

J---: i see

J---: did we mess up with s ossetia? as in the us?

Scott: South Ossetia's one of the breakaway republics of Georgia.

Scott: You know, south of Atlanta.

Scott: J---, you have to realize, you may be a native speaker, but your head is all filled up with other languages too. It's screwing up your command of the language. So, I'm the authority here--the only foreign language I can kind of speak is Spanish, and as Carlos will attest, when it comes to that I merely produce gibberish.

J---: yes but i think russia did well.

J---: on that one.

J---: us was looking to pick a fight and georgia was silly enuf to play ball

J---: silly georgians

Scott: I read in one of the Wikileaks that Putin's got his eyes on a chunk of the Ukraine. Cartographers are going to have a busy decade.

J---: as he should

J---: cartographers should not have been as busy as they were post berlin wall collapse

J---: did you see lux's answer?

J---: very amusing

Scott: Yes. I sent a pedantic email back explaining the difference between the two abbreviations [i.d. and e.g.], while conceding that most English speakers goof it up too.

Scott: But we have more atomic weapons than Luxembourg, so we're allowed.

J---: oh no, you didnt?

Scott: I pick on landlocked countries. That's how I roll.

J---: How German of you...

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