Wednesday, February 16, 2011


My friend Carlos, from Uruguay, speaks excellent English. Occasionally there’ll be a phrase he gets a little wrong, and I’ll correct it. “Scott, let me explain you something.” “No, Carlos, let me explain something to you.” Or… “Thanks God, I speak English so well, Scott.” “Thank God, Carlos, indeed.”

Nonetheless, I can’t quite bring myself to correct him when he says, “That’s a crap.”

“What do you think of this presentation, Carlos?”

“I think it’s a crap. Why are you laughing?”

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TJIC said...

Had a friend who worked with a Russian.

The Russian was a great guy, and speaks far better English than I speak Russian (or anything, for that matter).

The Russian pronounced the word "underscore" as "underscrew".

No one would correct him, because the loved the pronunciation so much.

When he finally did learn, he was somewhat angry.