Thursday, September 20, 2012


Since I have a bit more money, I've tended to give away a bit more to beggars. Sometimes it's a huge amount--today I gave some guy five bucks. That's mainly because I didn't have any change, or ones, or twos, or gum wrappers, but it still counts. This all has to do with white guilt, although my ancestors showed up in this country in 1885 and had to be German through two World Wars.

I've started having dreams where Ayn Rand wants to fight me. She starts the match with a three hour monologue about the gold standard. The bell rings, and I always think, she's a scrawny, anile Russian biddy, I can take her. Bring it, Olga. That's when she pulls out the Kalashnikov.

Also my roommates say somebody in the house has been screaming at night, but I must sleep soundly because I never hear a thing.

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