Monday, September 10, 2012

Maybe the Archduke Dreamt the Whole Thing

DAVID: I get more annoyed each other time I watch Prometheus

SCOTT: Sometimes at night I lie awake just hating it.*

DAVID: Yeah there's more to hate each time, all of which make me hate lindelof

SCOTT: he is a terrible human being--i mean, say what you want about World War One, but at least it made sense

DAVID: Agreed, and ww1 had a badass sequel. The only thing that could follow this trash would end up being as disappointing as the final season of lost

SCOTT: Dude! Maybe the planet was just space jockey purgatory--and the first space jockey went there after the beginning when he died

SCOTT: And since the one thing he never got to do in life was get deep throated by a giant leech, once that happened he got to go to heaven

DAVID: I would be more satisfied with that.  Perhaps everything lindelof writes is about purgatory but he always has a change of heart half way through the filming

SCOTT: Like a really douchey Dante.

DAVID: The seven circles of shitty writing

SCOTT: circle one, name people after famous philosophers to simulate depth

SCOTT: circle two: vague references to Christianity

SCOTT: Circle three: physically shit on your script

DAVID: Circle four: metaphorically shit on ur script

DAVID: Circle five: replace rationality with irrationality in all possible circumstances,

SCOTT: Circle six: again, physically shit on your script

DAVID: 7: repeat 3, 4, and 6

SCOTT: Ha, epic!

*An allusion to Otto von Bismarck (1815-1898). Very tricky to do in casual texting.

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