Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Today, a plane flew into a building in Manhattan. I know people in Manhattan. Hippseses.

"Meagan! A plane just crashed into a building in Manhattan! Are you dead?"


"Is Joey dead?"


"Good talk."

Something like that.

I better make sure my other New York friends aren't dead. My heart is like... so big.

I met with the career counselor today. She asked me if I'd considered forgetting about employment and instead trying to marry some rich old woman. I said I'd sent out a few resumes but had yet to get a callback.

I'm eating Oreos and milk. Been too long.

[10:19:02 PM] Jay Goodman Tamboli says: It's like a paradox.
[10:19:18 PM] Scott D. Scheule says: And at the same time, a non-paradox.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Random Pictures Off Cell Phone

Jay struck a cute, concupiscent pose today, but my cell phone wouldn't take a picture because the memory was full for the first time. I decided to clear some things off the card and port them here.

Here's a poster I saw in Philly one day. I thought my mom would like it, since she's always complaining about hot flashes.

Look, it's Jacksonville from the bow of a sailboat! Not pictured: Father Mason screaming obscenities at the crew.

This is my brother, David. He's so cute.

The great thing about Jay is he's so photogenic you don't even need a caption.

Question posed, question answered.

Look! This is my cousin, Ian, playing the drums on All Along the Watchtower at his wedding. His new father-in-law is on guitar.

Conversations Yesterday

Hanah: You want to have my locker?

Scott: Sure!

Hanah: The combination's 13, 15, 19.

Scott: All primes!

Sasha: Actually, I think--

Scott: --except for one!

Jay: What's the point of doing homework when North Korea's going to nuke us?

Scott: I wish Reagan was here.

Jay: Now, how many Queens are in a deck?

Scott: ...We should play poker together.

Jay: I don't know much about it.

Scott: I've been watching. You're obviously a natural.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Works Cited

The following materials address the interesting question: If one agrees to do and does nothing, where does one do (or not do) it?...

Korfund Company, Inc. v. Commissioner

...The sole point of difference between the parties as to this income is whether it was earned from sources within the United States within the meaning of section 119 of the Revenue Act of 1938, and that, as already indicated, turns upon the source of the income derived from agreements not to compete with petitioner in the United States and Canada or give advice for the organization of, or to, a competitor.

The petitioner's contention is based upon the theory that the income was paid for agreements to refrain from doing specific things -- negative acts. No defaults occurred and during the period of compliance the promisors were residents of Germany. Petitioner's contention is that negative performance is based upon a continuous exercise of will, which has its source at the place of location of the individual, and that, as the mental exertion involved herein occurred in Germany, the source of the income was in that country, not in the United States where the promise was given. The respondent's view of the question is, in short, that, as the place of performance would be in the United States if Zorn and Stoessel had violated their contractual obligations, abstinence of performance occurs in the same place.

Taxation of International Transactions, Gustafson et al.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Triadic Memories

I forgot to relate this.

Last weekend I drove to campus, and New Jersey Avenue was shut down. So I parked elsewhere, then walked down to see what was going on. There were a few cameras set up, a dozen cars parked in the street, and joggers running back and forth through the traffic. Every so often some guy would yell and all the cars would jump forward, aiming for the joggers, who turned around and pantomined pissed-off-ness.

"Jay, get down here! They're filming a movie!" I called.

Jay arrived, as I was wandering around the background of the scene. I asked some guy what they were filming.

"Transformers," he said.

"The Transformers? More than meets the eye? Michael Bay's Transformers?"

"That's the one."

"So if we stay here, we might actually get to appear in a real Michael Bay movie?"


"Let's get the fuck out of here," said Jay.

"Yeah," said I.

Well, it happened something like that. There was some blond chick there who apparently is famous in Australia, but she didn't do much for me. Too skinny.

I had a good talk with my momma this evening. My family's rocking.

Dr. Goldstein started Morton Feldman's Triadic Memories at 8 PM this evening. I've witnessed it once before.

Louie Goldstein to Scott Scheule:

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I would like to let you know that I will be performing Morton Feldman's "Triadic Memories" at Wake Forest University on Sunday, October 8, at 8 PM. It is one of Mr. Feldman's long, late pieces. My current interpretation of this score clocks in at about 110 minutes. In my opinion, it is a very beautiful experience. As I'm telling the folks here on campus, it is a single-movement composition of stunning yet delicate beauty.

Scott Scheule to Louie:

I'm tempted to say once was enough for me, but it would be embarassing to get caught in such an obvious lie.

[20:23] Remy Boncouer: Louis Goldstein is now 23 minutes into his performance of Triadic Memories. He'll be finishing up next Friday sometime.
[20:24] Remy Boncouer: Depending of course on whether or not he takes the repeat.
[20:24] allikat107: hahahahahaha
[20:24] allikat107: ohhh, memories of triadic memories...
[20:31] Remy Boncouer: For me too. I've fallen asleep during many concerts, but I'm pretty sure that was the only one I actually started snoring in.
[20:31] allikat107: that was you??
[20:32] Remy Boncouer: Hush, no one knows. It's because I sing baritone, but snore soprano.
[20:33] allikat107: hahahaha

Why exactly would I label a post? Can someone tell me?

Friend of All Creatures, Retarded and Not

I was sitting outside of McDonough, enjoying a good pipe-smoke and watching the Office, when a loud thud resounded from behind me. I turned around, and there was a bird! lying spreadeagle on the pavement, the imprint of his forehead on the window. I went over; he was breathing slightly, and his eyes were wide open, but otherwise he wasn't moving.

So I picked him up and petted him until he came to. His mouth hung open and he gawked at me.

"Hey there. How you doing? You hit your head? Hold still while I try to get a picture of both of us. And close your beak--you look like a retard. There you go--who's a good looking bird? You are."

He fluttered up on to my shoulder.

"Arrrr...." says I.

I went back to writing to Hanah.

[1:23:19 PM] Hanah Volokh says: do you have a box?
[1:23:27 PM] Scott D. Scheule says: It flew onto my shoulder.
[1:23:29 PM] Scott D. Scheule says: This is awesome.
[1:23:32 PM] Scott D. Scheule says: Maybe I can train him.

Then he flew away. Into the side of the building again.

[1:23:34 PM] Hanah Volokh says: are you making this up?
[1:23:40 PM] Scott D. Scheule says: No, he flew away!
[1:23:46 PM] Scott D. Scheule says: into the fucking window again!
[1:23:52 PM] Hanah Volokh says: clearly stunned
[1:23:52 PM] Hanah Volokh says: get a box
[1:24:11 PM] Scott D. Scheule says: I can't, he's up on the second floor.

So I went and found him again, pointed him towards the quad, and he flew up into an oak tree, looking pretty healthy. So I did a good thing.

[1:24:22 PM] Hanah Volokh says: don't tell me any more.
[1:24:30 PM] Scott D. Scheule says: Why not?
[1:25:08 PM] Hanah Volokh says: it's making me sad
[1:25:52 PM] Scott D. Scheule says: Check your email. [I sent her my pictures] He's ok. He just flew away.
[1:26:23 PM] Scott D. Scheule says: He's in a tree now. I think he'll be fine.
[1:26:46 PM] Hanah Volokh says: I'm naming the bird Corky


I'm intrigued by what I've read about Moore's Principia Ethica and the indefinability of the good.

[Tangent: do contractions render the passive voice less grating? Compare "I am intrigued by..." to "I'm intrigued by..." The former seems clunkier, while the latter, while still containing a fucking form of be, nevertheless seems superior because with one little apostrophe it looks we've disguised the nasty verb from the reader. Of course, the best form probably remains: "What I've read about Moore's Principia Ethica and the indefinability of the good intrigues me." Though the verb and noun are uncomfortably distant.

Or am I simply trying, abortively, to define the good right now?]

Case and point: I wasted today by watching Scrubs, Mickey Blue Eyes, spending an hour at the gym, A Fish Called Wanda, and I also spent a fair amount of time throwing stuff at Jay's head. Nonetheless, the fact that the day was good--despite my current insomnia--seems clear.

Though damned if I can say or need to say why.