Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Stop Laughing, It's Not Funny... heh

Michael Richards (finally) apologizes. Let the awkwardness stop your heart, as the audience can't figure out if this is genuine or a really good, Andy Kaufmanesque bit and laughs throughout, finally admonished by Seinfeld himself.

Monday, November 20, 2006


Professor Ginsberg: I had originally planned to spend 2.3 days on this chapter, but I've decided simply two will suffice.

Me: You can carry forward that .3 for up to ten classes.

Class: [simultaneous groan]

Also, apparently Michael Richards has decided to drive the last nail into the coffin of his dead career.

Now granted, there's not much inherently funny about Cosmo Kramer screaming racial epithets and recalling good old days of African-American lynching and tushie-spearing, but I guarantee we could bring out the hidden humor in this clip by dubbing in the Seinfeld electric bass slide. Botch--choo, choo, bop-choo, boo. This is an idea for someone else to realize.

UPDATE: It's been realized.

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Scott: I'm leaving.

Jay: Hold on, I just got to kill this Zebra creature in Warcraft.

Scott: Make sure you skin it. Lots of people like zebra pelts. My roommate has a zebra skin couch in the kitchen.

Jay: I know.

Scott: When I first moved in, there was a zebra that would wander around the living room downstairs. Then, after a few months, I came home one day, and I couldn't find it. Then I saw the zebra-skinned couch, and I put two and two together.

Jay: ...

Scott: Bob obviously sold the zebra and used the money to buy a couch.

The most interesting thing that happened today was that I realized I had a half gallon of expired milk in the fridge. I took a whiff. It smelled like it had about an hour before it turned rancid. So I took it up to my room and drank the entire thing while watching Family Guy.


I accomplished absolutely nothing today. Still, I had a wonderful coffee with Lyco. We talked about the new Bond flick, and she raved enough that I decided I had to go see it. I made Jay stop studying so he could join me.

Very well done, easily one of the best of the franchise thus far. A new, colder character, and action without all the cartoony frills of the Brosnan years.

Talked Jay into spending Thanksgiving with the family, which is great. Any other friend without plans is welcome to come up as well.

So very peaceful, sitting in this classroom in an empty building, with Bread playing (some song that Nick made me download in college).

Peaceful moments come out of nowhere and make the world seem right.

And Aubrey was her name.

Love you all. Good night.