Friday, March 09, 2007

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hey folks. I was in a car accident today. I'm still not sure what happened, but I ended up getting coptered to the hospital and had some catscans done. Cars totaled, in all likelihood. Looks like I'm ok, if a bit battered.

Regardless, I've lost my cell phone in the mess.


Ah. Home again. Main draw is of course various small animals to pick up and coo at (each one hates this but patiently submits). Also family, home-cooked meals, fireplace, and hot tub.

Listened to a reading of Plutarch's Lives on the way home. Wonderful stuff.

Goddamn snow.

Current listening: Bach Mass in B minor, BWV232, Harnoncourt.

Today, Jay and I were eating at Union Station when Sasha strolled up and said hi. He went off to pick up some Chinese, and Jay and I pulled over a table and chair for him. But no sooner had we done this then some complete stranger sat down in Sasha's seat.

SCOTT: Touché, anonymous stranger. Nicely played.

JAY: Oh well.

SCOTT: Looks like Sasha's getting his food to go anyway.

Nobody wants to eat with us.

[Sasha returns]

SCOTT: [loudly] We pulled you up a seat, but something went horribly awry.

STRANGER: [effeminate] Are you talking to me? Oh, I'm sorry.

SCOTT: Only kidding!

STRANGER: Please let me get up.

SCOTT: [embarrassed] No, there's no need! It was just a joke!

I just didn't know anyone was sitting...

[mortified] It's ok! He doesn't want to eat with us anyway!

Really, no problem, I'm so sorry.

Please, don't bother!

[Anonymous stranger takes his stuff elsewhere]

[Jay, Scott, Sasha exchange looks]

... Well. Now you have to eat with us.

Pet post getting mad play.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


[10:26:33 PM] Jay Goodman Tamboli says: Mr. Pike?

[10:28:08 PM] Scott says:

[10:31:24 PM] Jay Goodman Tamboli says: I still don't get it.

[10:32:00 PM] Scott says: The song is "For the Benefit of Mr. Kite." Calling it Mr. Pike, as Barnett did, is a major fo-pas.

[10:32:14 PM] Jay Goodman Tamboli says: Why? Just because he got it wrong?

[10:33:26 PM] Scott says: It would be like saying: "My favorite Beatles song is "I Want to Hold your Foot.""

[10:33:38 PM] Jay Goodman Tamboli says: *shrug*

[10:34:08 PM] Scott says: Blue Submarine.

[10:34:13 PM] Scott says: A Squid's Garden.

[10:34:17 PM] Scott says: A Week in the Life

[10:34:35 PM] Scott says: Sargeant Pepper's Lonely Kidneys Club Band.

[10:35:05 PM] Scott says: Hey Dude.

[10:36:14 PM] Scott says: Bluebird.

[10:36:20 PM] Scott says: Penny Avenue.

[10:36:44 PM] Scott says: While My Tubular Bells Gently Weep

[10:37:03 PM] Scott says: Happiness is a Warm Hot-Pocket

[10:37:29 PM] Scott says: The Long and Winding Long and Winding Thing

[10:37:47 PM] Scott says: Raspberry Fields

[10:38:00 PM] Scott says: Mrs. Madonna.

[10:41:04 PM] Scott says: I am the Manatee.

[10:41:34 PM] Scott says: Back in the UAE

[10:42:04 PM] Scott says: Golden Plumbers.

[10:42:31 PM] Scott says: I'm done.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Yesterday, I tried swimming, but my CVS-brand goggles kept filling up with water. So today I bought a top of the line brand with some kind of gasket and three (count 'em) choices of nose pieces. I tried swimming again. The goggles worked! My body didn't.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Now, there may well be greater joys than drinking more-expensive-than-cheap Scotch and polishing off an old NES, giving it mouth to mouth for ten minutes, trying to remember the Konami code, getting it right, and then going full force with Jay and Jacob through the alien-infested bunkers of the original Contra (30 lives each).

But such joys, if they exist, are surely reserved to a life beyond this one.