Thursday, July 05, 2007

Note to Aunt Carol

Honored you searched for my blog, sorry about the mention of cow semen on the top post.

Man, the fireworks last night were extraordinary. I wasn't planning on watching them, but I was talking to some family while I was walking around Pentagon City and they said they were heading for this hill overlooking the Pentagon to watch, so I followed. The mp3 player was packed full of Steve Winwood while I viewed the show--it was just what Alexander Hamilton would have wanted.

Today, got caught in a downpour, but I usually like when that happens, so long as I'm not carrying anything easily dissolved. Then a lovely dinner with the Volokhs--whose last name I've never learned to pronounce but who nonetheless consistently invite me over--with Jay and Shelby (interrupted by Carol's call).

A bum asked me for change. I turned him down and then asked him for wardrobe advice. He opined ("Yeah, tuck that shirt in), and gave me his plan for getting into the workforce. I told him it was good he had a plan, and it seemed like a good one, and I wished him luck. Then he asked me for change again and I turned him down again.

but my mom gave me the "stern talking to" about it and that sucked


This is why I always ask my dad's advice when it comes to women. SCOTT: So Dad, there's this girl... DAD: Are you hitting it? SCOTT: Totally. DAD: That's my boy!!! *click*


WHO are you hitting??


I make girls up. It makes him feel better.

Wow. Found out two more friends are engaged (not to each other) today. What a world.

Call on me, Valerie.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

DAVID: I've got this lump and I've been doing heavy lifting. So I'm thinking it's a hernia.

SCOTT: Could be the bubonic plague.

DAVID: That never happens anymore.

I know, so I'm thinking we're due. Anyway, here's a quick fix. What you do is find yourself some cow semen.

Cow semen?

Yeah, just find yourself some of that, and inject it into the nearest vein. That's how they cured it back in the day.

Oh yeah! I totally saw a history channel show about that!

Right! I bet you never thought you'd be injecting cow semen into a vein again!

DAVID: No way. I mean, I had to give the cow semen up--too fatty.

Totally. You had all those little baby cows running around in your veins. That's not good for anything, is it, Grandmother?

DAVID: Grandmother?

SCOTT: I wanted Jay to think I was talking to my grandmother on the phone about cow semen. Good joke. Eh, Mom?

DAVID: Cow semen!

SCOTT: Happy 4th of July!

All of you, enjoy your holiday. I'm off to study Constitutional law.

[6:40:57 PM] Scott says: This bed gives good nap.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Odd how our feelings flip, and suddenly you're bored with something amazing, or serious and heavy when things were just so sugary and light. It'll feel like winter, but not in a bad way. Silence sounds nice. Sometimes I like having the windows open because I like the air, sometimes I like being closed in the room. Amazing but without doubt that this string of moods coheres into a self.

A night to read poems and be alone.

Sunday, July 01, 2007


So I take a daily walk where I go meet people. Today I went to Georgetown. I ran into a couple of folks from school, had a lengthy conversation with one of them. Also offered to push an invalid in a wheelchair a few blocks to a bus stop (the man twitched and jerked constantly and his voice was barely decipherable; I've no idea how he had made it to Georgetown in the first place).

I'm pretty sure a cute Russian girl expressed interest in me while we chatted. This confused and perplexed me, and the pride made me swagger across the Key bridge.

The rest of the day has been studying contracts--it's an awesome field. I've done admirably on the practice questions.