Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dear Nick

I'm leaving on a 6 AM flight tomorrow, God willing, to go be a groomsman for Nick.

I'm sweet.


"Not being married, or ever having attempted to marry anyone, I have absolutely no sympathy or compassion for all the work it takes to get married. I'm leaving on a plane at 6 AM tomorrow--that's the plan at least, but who knows what I'll think when the alarm goes off at 4 AM. I may just decide that I don't really care about Nick that much--I mean, now I care about him, but 4 AM Scott doesn't give a fuck about anyone. 4 AM Scott would dropkick a kitten to get to the Snooze button.

"As to my title, you can all continue to call me Scott, so long as you attach "Esquire" to the end of that."


Sunday, July 22, 2007


[18:11] Dagny02: good luck

[18:35] Remy Boncouer:
For what?

[18:35] Dagny02:
bar exam?

[18:36] Remy Boncouer:
Oh yeah. When is that?

[18:36] Dagny02:
Jay says it's on Tuesday

[18:36] Remy Boncouer:
THIS Tuesday?

[18:36] Remy Boncouer:
*falls out of his chair*

[18:36] Dagny02:
I hope you're joking

[18:37] Dagny02:
Don't you have to go take it in New York?

[18:37] Dagny02:
maybe your dates are different

[18:37] Remy Boncouer:
I hope I don't have to go all the way to NY.

[18:38] Dagny02:
good lord, if you are this not on top of things, there is no helping you.

[18:38] Remy Boncouer:
Hold on, another quarter stuck in my nose.

[18:40] Remy Boncouer:
Yeah, I'm taking the 10AM train to Albany tomorrow. Just like that Gladys Knight song.

[18:40] Dagny02:
why Albany?

[18:40] Remy Boncouer: It's the state capital of the state!