Sunday, May 10, 2009


I just had my first real Russian conversation. There were a few old babushkas on a bench outside the retirement home next door, and I, knowing that some of the residents there are Russian, tried a Здравствуйте, and followed up with a Добрый вечер. Conversation was stilted of course, but between the three of us and their basic English and my even more basic Russian we had a fine chat. I'm pretty sure I unleashed every noun I know, though working in Пуловер was tough, esp. given the balmy weather. And I'm pretty sure, though who knows, they invited me to come back and chat with them again.

Maybe when I knew some more verbs. Also, thinking back, I may have slipped into the familiar second person once or twice.

It's nice living in an international city. In the last hour I've also met people from Palestine and Bangladesh. An Afghani runs the 7-11, there's an Ethiopian in the local candy store, a Honduran at the pizza place, and last week I met an Eritrean downtown.