Wednesday, September 16, 2009

While Teaching My First Latin Class

SCOTT: In Latin, you can pretty much throw down the words in whatever order you want and still get a meaningful sentence.

JAY: I can't imagine how anyone can think like that.

CARLOS: I agree.

SCOTT: Well... it's similar to a problem I have with Spanish. I'm used to objects coming after words, so when you have to put the indirect and direct objects in front, I always have to backtrack in my mind, because I've already got the verb planned out. There's probably a subtle behavioral difference... In English, we think of what we're going to do before we decide who we're going to do it to. In Spanish, you think of who you're going to do something to before you decide what it is you'll be doing to them. ... Almost sounds like a joke.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Two More Jokes and I'll Have an Entire Balkan Routine

SCOTT: I actually know the capitals of every country in the world. [I've taken to working this sentence into every conversation]

... What's the capital of Kosovo?

SCOTT: That's not a country.