Friday, November 05, 2010

La bitácora

I found this thread delightful. It begins with someone in 2004 asking for the Spanish translation of blogger. The term was fairly new at the time, so it remained to be seem how Spanish would absorb it. As the posts become more recent, you can watch the term "bloguero" arise and begin to prevail over bloguista and bloguer. Presumably the endgame here will be when the RAE accepts the word.

It's charming how words bubble up to the Real Academy and finally acquire official sanction. The rudderless English vocabulary is charming too.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

About Four Minutes

11:25:23 AM: Denen: I'm writing my fact pattern for my class and I need a name for my fake cosmetics company - any ideas?

11:29:11 AM: Scott: Moulin Rouge.

11:29:20 AM: Denen: nice!

11:29:22 AM: Denen: I like it!

11:29:26 AM: Scott: Run with it!


Hanah: Is it possible to eat Chipotle too many days in a row?


Tuesday, November 02, 2010

El blues del dìa de elecciones

Hanah: You could vote for people who will repeal it.

Scott: Pudiera, pero no importa. ¡Tengo solamente un voto! ¡La diferencia entre el ganador y el perdedor serà mucho màs que un voto!

It doesn't matter.

Scott: ¡Exactamente!

No, it doesn't matter that your vote is unlikely to make a difference. You should vote anyway.

¿Por què?

Hanah: Because you can.

Scott: Tambièn puedo poner frijoles en la nariz.

Hanah: Go for it.

Ay, no tengo frijoles.

Hanah: I'll mail you some.

Muchas gracias. El año que viene, pondrè frijoles en la nariz y votar.