Wednesday, April 27, 2011


D: que ha pasado por tu vida? algo emocionante?

Scott: Sì! Hoy, vine a la oficina. Entonces, Denen, mi colega, me dijo, "Escosès! Tienes un agujero grande en tu camisa!" Vi a mi camisa, en el lomo. "Ay!" dije -- "Tengo un agujero gigante en mi camisa!" Todos aquì vinieron a mi cubìculo para reirme. A las mediodia, vine a Macy's y comprè una nueva camisa.

D: okay, now the weather is nicer, so I'm thinking on a BBQ on my house. My only issue is that my house is small so I don't want to invite a lot of people, however I don't want those I don't invite to feel offended.

D: any ideas on how to address that?

Scott: Una barbacoa... secreta.

D: hahahah, there is not such thing. It would be odd to say, "hey come to my place but don't tell anyone"

Scott: Women tell me that all the time.


Carlos: Scott, since you're the expert translator here, what is the English equivalent of "Del árbol caído todos hacen leña"?

Scott: "From the fallen tree, everyone makes a log?" What does that mean?

Carlos: You know. When somebody's down, everybody can make fun of him.

Scott: That's awful! English speakers don't have such a saying.

Loren: Schadenfreude!

Scott: Leave it to the Germans to do it in one word.

Denen: It's like throwing someone under the bus.

Scott: But that doesn't really capture it. You have to get that sense of everyone throwing someone under a bus. Like how, because I wore a shirt to work today with a hole in it, everybody will make fun of me, today and forever.

Carlos: Exactly.

Scott: Well, we can use that. From my shirt, everyone gets a patch. De la camisa de Scott, todos consiguen un parche. Y ahora, ¡tenemos un modismo!