Friday, July 27, 2012

Mutually Misplaced Mettle

SCOTT: Sent to Francisco: Dude, esa película era jodidamente fantástica! (literally, that movie was fuckingly awesome!)

JAY: Misuse of "literal."

SCOTT: Indicating the translation is literal, not the original phrase--when will you admit you can't speak a word of Spanish?

JAY: Yo hablo un poco. It's the English I have trouble with apparently. You forgot the "¡"

SCOTT: Apúntate un tanto!

JAY: No entiendo.

Monday, July 23, 2012


SCOTT: Did you see this Colorado nut with bright red hair?

FRANCISCO: He's the joker.

SCOTT: The joker had green hair.

FRANCISCO: Perhaps he's color blind.

SCOTT: What's Spanish for color blind?

FRANCISCO: Daltónico.

SCOTT: That's right, I knew that. Wonder where the hell that comes from.

FRANCISCO: Don't know.

SCOTT: There was a scientist named Dalton. But he worked with gases, not colors.


SCOTT: I'll be damned, it is from the scientist. Apparently he was color blind.